School / Nursery Photography by Kyla Photographics

Mounted PrintsKyla photographics can offer your school or Nursery a complete, simple and easy photography service.

The images are taken on a clean white background and mounted in a contemporary black mount. Digital technology means our photographers can take the images very quickly and with minimal disruption to you. We will present each pupil with an order form that includes their images. These will include black & white and high-contrast versions of any image (see example below). Parents then complete the form with payment details in a sealed envelope, so there is no need for the school to be involved in the financial aspect. Payments can be made in cash, cheque or by credit card. Once the orders have been received the image packs will be given to you for distribution.

1 of each order will be given to the school/nursery.

Criminal record check forms are available for inspection.

Group images and sibling shots are also available.

CLICK HERE to downlaod PDF leaflet.

VALUE PACK 21 2 of 4x5 + 1 of 5x7 +1 of 8x10 prints
PACK 3 16 2 of 8x10 (20x25cm) prints
PACK 2 13 2 of 5x7 (13x18cm) prints
PACK 1 11 2 of 4x5 (10x13cm) prints
All sizes are in inches. Other sizes to order. Images are guaranteed for 10 years. Prices include VAT.
School Image School Image School Image