The Wedding Package by James Barry of Kyla Photographics

* With you every step of the way.
James will arrive as early as necessary and stay with you right through to the reception. We have no maximum time, or any extra cost for staying the whole day.

* CD of album Images
All the images from your wedding album in full quality and printable.

* 24 Page Album.
We include twenty page 8” x 8” image book as part of our package.
Please note that you can have as many images on one page as you like. CLICK HERE for examples. Larger and smaller Albums available.

* Images on a Webpage.
With your permission, all good images (normally 150-350) will be places on a private web page that can be view by your friends and relatives.

Saturday (& Bank holiday weekends) wedding package: £475

Other day wedding package: £375

We ask for a £100 deposit and the balance to be paid on or before the wedding day.

General notes when booking any photographer

Anybody can call themselves a wedding photographer. The best way to ensure the one you book has reached a required standard, is to ensure they are registered with one of the two professional photography associations. These are the British Institute of Professional Photographers ( ) and the Master Photography Association ( ). As well as being qualified, members all have professional indemnity, which is essential if something goes wrong.

You must meet your photographer before your wedding. It is very important they have details of specific images required, as well as the style of pictures you are after.

Ideally, meet them at the planning stage, so the correct amount of time can be built into the day’s schedule for photographs at the different locations.

You must ensure the photographer knows your family structure, particularly if step-parents are involved or close family members have died. Without this information it is very easy to create an embarrassing moment on the day.

Bride and grooms often ask about black and white images, if your photographer is using digital equipment then any image can easily be converted from colour to black and white on a computer. With film images it is still possible but more difficult.

Ensure you understand the total cost involved with any photographer by knowing the prices of reprints and presentation albums. Couples sometimes spend more on print and enlargement orders after the wedding, than the fee for the day itself.

Photographers are in a position to help recommend other wedding services, we see which are good and bad. CLICK HERE for James's list. If you don't feel happy asking your photographer for advice, then you have chosen the wrong photographer!

Why you think wedding photographers are expensive?

If you think wedding photographers are expensive, please try the following exercise. It might help you understand the costs involved.

Take your annual salary and multiple it by three. This figure is the turnover required to pay that salary. The other two thirds are the expenses to run the business: equipment (I carry about £9,000 of kit) , insurance, printing, adverts, wedding fair fees, travel costs, photographic prints, mounts, albums etc and of course – the big one: VAT. Anyone in business will confirm that a net profit of 33% is very good going.

Now divide this turnover figure by 30. That will give you the minimum income required from each wedding. It is very difficult to do more than this number of weddings in a year, because the main season only 3 months long and most weddings are on Saturdays. Also note that each wedding is about 5 days work. As well as meeting the couple for 2 hours or so, there is the studio session, many phone calls and emails over what photographs are required etc. The day itself can often be 10-12 hours work for 2 photographers. There is then a whole day on the computer processing the images and getting them online. This is followed by between ½ and 1 day designing and constructing the wedding album. You can now see that 5 days is often a conservative estimate!

So - to keep the maths easy, lets say you think wedding photographers only deserve a salary of £20k, multiplied by 3 and divided by 30 means the income per wedding needs to be £2k! I hope that explains why all photographers charge what they do.